The Team


Semerian’s vision is to be an agent of change in her community by helping to improve the lives of girls and women through education. While growing up, she discovered that lack of education leads to lack of empowerment and in turn poverty within her community. Having had educated parents, Semerian grew up knowing that it is not only men who should have a voice in the household, a woman should also have voice too especially in matters regarding her children lives.  

It is in this regard she is now advocating for women to have education, to be included in decisions regarding their families and to be empowered in society. Women do not have to find their voice once widowed.


Angela is brand & marketing communication strategist with over a decade experience building and managing brands. She has contributed to the growth and success of different multinational/multicultural brands in the private and development sectors, executing relevant strategic and targeted branded campaigns resulting in; increased awareness, stakeholder engagement and fostered bilateral partnerships.


Naleke Konchela Alal is a community enthusiast with over 9 years’ experience in community based organizations and Non-governmental organizations in Kenya. She has served in various projects from initiation stages to designing, monitoring and implementation and project closure while managing a team as well as capacity building programs. Naleke has been humbled to learn and share her knowledge and skills in Australia and Kenya. Naleke pursued an undergraduate in Environmental Health Bachelor of Science from Curtin University in Perth Western Australia, a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Catholic University of Eastern Africa and Certification in Monitoring and Evaluation from Kenya Institute of Management. 


Phoebe Nelima Khagame​

Phoebe Khagame is an experienced and dedicated operations and project manager, with a passion and keen interest in connecting stakeholders to achieve transformative causes. She worked in the health sector for over 7 years and recently joined the education sphere, working with an organization that seeks to leverage the use of ICT to ensure quality education is not only accessible, but affordable.  

Margaret Kamakey

Margaret Kamakey has worked in the tourism industry for over ten years dealing with local and international institutions. She is well traveled to Eastern and southern Africa and enjoys meeting and interacting with different communities. Margaret has since left tourism and joined the business field. She works directly with rural women through out sourcing milk during drought season allowing them sustain their small businesses hence growing them economically. She is passionate about business and community work.