The Challenge:

Kenyewa Location of Kajiado County has seen an increase in the number of maternal deaths among women and girls, this resulting from the lack of well-equipped health facilities to deliver maternal health services to those who need it most. Further the situation is exacerbated with the number of unplanned teen pregnancies occurring due to limited or no comprehensive reproductive health education and services targeted at youth.

The Impact:

The lack of“ quality and comprehensive health services and education couples with the nomadic lifestyle of the population has negative cascading effect not only to women and girls    but also on the Kenyewa community. The consequence of this is:

  • Maternal deaths
  • Malnutrition
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Infections

Solution & Approach:

Patinaai Osim is committed improving access to healthcare for women, children and girls as well as Kenyewa community. Our community health programme aims to influence the social and political determinants of health to facilitate access to quality health care services and promote healthy decisions among the Kenyewa people/population. Our grassroots approach is anchored in engaging the community in reproductive health sensitisation and working closely with healthcare providers to create a supportive ecosystem.

We work to deliver support in the following ways:

  • Maternal health
  • Pre-& Post-natal care education
  • Reproductive & menstrual health
  • Nutrition education