The climate change is visibly apparent in Kajiado and affecting the community, as the temperatures continue increase and rains becoming unpredictable pressure is placed onĀ water resources, leading to reduced forage in turn reduction in livestock herds. The lack of knowledge and information among the community around the impact of deforestation and soil erosion is key problem.

Variability in climate impacts the rural poor the most, as the key source of livelihood dwindles the community is exposed to a myriad of challenges, they turn to alternative income generation activities such as charcoal this further contributing drought and environmental destruction as a result of deforestation. In addition, malnutrition and the increase in food insecurity as crop yield continues to decrease means more pressure is placed on women to fend/provide for the family while the men are away seeking pastures for the livestock.

Community engagement is at the core of our climate intervention, with the goal to mitigate the impact on environment, society and economy. Our goal is to build capacity and resilience in the community- the Patinaai Osim Resource Centre will provide knowledge and skills to households (families) on how to address and manage adverse climatic changes as well as train them on areas of food + fodder storage that will cater to their needs during a drought crisis. The Centre will also educate/sensitive the community around long-term actions towards protecting/preserving environmental resources such natural regeneration of trees, reforestation methods, water management and grazing reserves.

The climate program will see the Patinaai Osim Empowerment Centre implement the following activities:

  • Tree planting,
  • Sensitisation on land management (soil erosion management and Ground cover restoration)
  • Promoting alternative farming practices