Naretisho™ (‘Building Capacity’)

This is towards Sustainable Livelihoods.  Patinaai Osim will provide a space that will enable women in the community to engage in income generating activities as well as quarters for health education, conservation learning, finance management and any other enlightening activities that will be deemed necessary and relevant to the community.
The Challenge
As a Nomadic pastoralist community, Kajiado County is faced with the challenge of sustainable income generating activities. Women in the community are socially and economically marginalized from engaging in alternative livelihood opportunities that will see them contribute to the household and the community's economic status and poverty eradication.
The Impact
Limited livelihood opportunities, drought/famine is a common and recurring issue in the community. Their economic activity (livestock keeping) is significantly affected by the lack of rainfall, reduced access to water and availability of animal feeds leads to loss of livestock, milk and other milk based products.
Solution and Approach
Our livelihood initiatives are driven to facilitate women in the community gain skills and access resources for income generation activities that will aid households cope with recurring droughts as the community adopts alternative livelihood prospects. Our livelihood initiative entails the following income generation activities
Mentorship Program
Capacity building + skills development
Cultural products and Dairy products

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